Coastal Region: Rep NEEDED!

Coastal Region: Rep NEEDED!

Are you interested in representing your region on the NCRID Board? The NCRID Board is currently looking for interested members to serve as Regional Representatives for 2019-2021. Voting will take place at conference on Friday during the business meeting/luncheon. Please send the completed nomination form to by April 6th, 2019.

Regional Committee Representative nominees shall be received by the Board of Directors based on letter of interest and 10 signatures of NCRID members then voted on the general membership bi-annually on odd numbered years. These positions will not be limited in number of consecutive terms.

Regional Committee Representatives shall provide reports of committee actions, reflecting the special issues and/or concerns of the local membership and shall faithfully bring issues of their region to the attention of the Board of Directors.

Regional Committees shall provide regional representation and coordinate professional development opportunities in their areas.

The Regional Committees shall be made up of members from their relative region with no number of members specified.

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We have launched a new E-Blast feature on the website that will send out notifications from time to time with pertinent information such as deadlines (conference,membership) and calls to action (licensure,voting). This is different from the Newsletter which sends a monthly summary of news we have posted on our website. You will need to sign-up for this in the green box and then confirm the email that is sent to you. You may unsubscribe anytime. Thank you for your interest and support!