Do I have to pay for both NCRID conference and NCAD conference?
No! If you need RID CEUs you will need to pay the NCRID registration fee so they can process your CEU paperwork. If you are a member of the deaf community, a teacher, social worker, student, etc. who doesn't need CEUs, you can register with NCAD and pay their registration fee. The NCAD conference info can be found here http://ourncad.org/taking-the-reins.html

Can I go between the two conferences, even if I only paid for NCRID?
Yes! If you register with NCRID you can attend anything on either agenda. If you register with NCAD you can only attend events on Friday and Saturday.

What if I need a certificate of completion but no CEUs?
NCRID will NOT being giving out certificates of completion for workshops on our agenda. If you need certificates of completion only (3 workshops), please register with the NCAD conference here. You will only be able to attend events on Friday and Saturday.  http://ourncad.org/taking-the-reins.html

I want to attend the Legal pre-conference. Is that included in my registration fee?
No, the legal pre-conference on Thursday (0.6) is an additional fee (see registration rates) and is NON-REFUNDABLE. It is open to anyone who is interested, but tickets are limited. However, that is a great deal for a full day of legal interpreting workshops.

I paid the regular registration and don't want to attend the legal pre-conference. Are there workshops for me on Thursday?
Yes! There will be regular workshops happening for those not attending the legal pre-conference. Approximately 0.4 hours are available on Thursday afternoon/evening.

Are you in need of volunteers?
Yes!  There are various ways you can help whether it’s conference, serving on the board, or being a regional representative. Visit our contact page and connect!

What is included with combo registration?
NCRID: Breakfast Fri/Sat, Lunch Friday, Entertainment Fri night, Approx 1.6 CEUs
-NCAD: Lunch Friday, 3 workshops, Entertainment Fri night

I'm interested in running for a Regional Representative position. What do I need to do?
Fill out this form, and get 10 signatures from active NCRID members and send it to ncridpresident@gmail.com by April 6th, 2019. More information can be found on the “Call for Regional Reps” page.

How do I book the hotel?
Rooms can be reserved from our “Hotel and Travel Info” page, or by clicking here. If calling, use the code "NCRID" for the group rate. Be sure to reserve a room early! NCAD is having their conference at the same time, and there is a large sporting event happening.  Rooms are going fast!

What’s the nightly group rate?
$132+ taxes/fees. Rate is good Wed-Sun.

Are the breakout sessions cold or hot?
Most likely they will be chilly as we are so grateful for AC in July! Presenters, Interpreters and staff are working so please come prepared like an assignment with layers to make your stay comfortable.

Is this a family-friendly event?
Yes. For the conference itself, EVERY person must register to enter any sessions. No kids/family are allowed to tag along. The hotel however is VERY family friendly with a 24 hour huge playground, lake with paddle boats, boardwalk for running/biking, restaurants, and a nice large outdoor pool.

How far is the hotel from uptown Charlotte?
It will take approximately 10 mins by using the Lynx Blue Line light rail into uptown. Public transportation via CATS is also an option.

What if I’m a student but not an ITP student...can I get the discounted rate?
No. As a state organization of and for our interpreting profession, this discount is to honor those coming behind us pursuing specialized higher education in our field.

What if I can’t attend the whole workshop, can I receive partial credit?
No. RID’s 15-minute grace period to enter a workshop after it’s scheduled start time is strictly enforced at our conference. You are welcome to attend but will not earn CEUs or any proof of attendance.

Who do I contact for more information about the conference?
Please contact Joni Hedrick, the conference chair at ncridconferencechair@gmail.com

What is your 2019 conference communication policy?     

1)   Workshops will be presented in the mode most natural to the presenter (their choice).    

2)  Breakout sessions will have interpreters assigned based on need indicated on registration for both deaf and hearing participants.      

3)  Interpreters are placed in general sessions to provide signed and spoken communication on stage between audience and presenter.    

4)  Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are available in all sessions thanks to the Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.   

Any additional communication needs not mentioned above are to be emailed to ncridconferencechair@gmail.com before May 1, 2019.

“The method of delivery should allow for and encourage active involvement on the part of the participant, feedback, and reinforcement of the learned knowledge or skill.”

-RID Standards and Criteria for Approved Sponsors Manual, 2016

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

All refund requests must be made in writing, postmarked or emailed by June 1, 2019 to Trula Baker at ncridtreasurer@gmail.com. No refunds will be issued until 30 days after the completion of the conference. In the event the conference is cancelled, all registrants will be notified and provided a 100% refund.  **Pre-Conference Legal on Thursday is NON-REFUNDABLE and is excluded from this policy