Award Nominations


Your Support is Needed!

Every year at annual conference NCRID gives recognition to individuals who have served to promote, encourage, and support interpreters as professionals. As in years past, we will be honoring all of the recipients publicly during the Friday luncheon at conference.

We are soliciting nominations from each NCRID chapter and individual NCRID members. Nominations may be submitted here online (preferred) or by email to


1. Each nomination should outline why the individual should be considered for the award and should be signed by at least two NCRID members. If submitting electronically the "two signatures" can be emails from individuals supporting your nomination to Submissions do not need to be lengthy.

2. The awards are given based on activities from July 2018 to June 2019.

3. The decision of the Nomination/Awards committee is final.

4. Neither the President nor any executive officer can receive any of the awards listed until one full year AFTER his/her term. (The executive officers are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, & Treasurer)




An Interpreter who….

in the past year, has provided outstanding service to the Deaf community in a way that exemplifies the standards of NCRID. Persons to be considered are those who share knowledge, strive to improve themselves and the organization, encourage new interpreters, as well as uphold the ethical ideals of NCRID. This person must be a member of NCRID.


A Deaf person who….

has contributed the most support to NCRID.


An NCRID member who….

has provided an outstanding contribution to further the goals of the organization (listed below)

Objectives of NCRID:

To be the affiliate chapter of RID, Inc., representing the State of North Carolina

To maintain and promote a code of ethics for interpreters and transliterators

To provide for the professional development of the membership

To provide the public with information regarding interpreting and transliterating

To maintain and promote a list of RID, Inc. certified interpreters/transliterators within North Carolina

To prepare and distribute professional publications regarding interpreting and transliterating

To raise funds to support the purposes and activities of the Corporation

To support the activities of organizations of and for deaf persons, and of and for interpreters, transliterators and translators, insofar as such activities are not in conflict with the purposes of the Corporation

To provide for the establishment and maintenance of regional chapters of the Corporation


A person, organization, agency, business

who has provided aid and advocacy to the cause of interpreting and NCRID.


Submit nomination below. Nominations go directly to which is managed by Awards Chair- Tzena Keyes.

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