Graduate Research Request

My name is Carly Fischbeck and I am a graduate student at St.
Catherine University currently conducting research for my thesis. My
research focus is on interpreters working in K-12 settings with D/deaf
and hard of hearing students who are refugees or immigrants. I intend
to interview between 5 and 10 interpreters who work in educational
settings about their experiences with this student population,
particularly their decision-making strategies.

It is my goal to reach as many interpreters as possible, which is why
I am writing to you today. I have prepared a "call for participants"
text (see attached) for distribution via email and for posts on sites
like the RID Facebook group pages. Would you be willing to send this
call for participants to members in your region via email? Would you
also be willing to post this information on the Region II Facebook
page? I would greatly appreciate these efforts, as they will help me
reach interpreters in your region who are working with refugee and
immigrant students.

My research, including this call for participants, has received
approval from the St. Catherine University Institutional Review Board
(#968). Please feel free to contact myself or the IRB (
with any questions regarding my research.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Carly Fischbeck, NIC
ASL/English Interpreter
(651) 357-3355 (text/call)