2017 LEAD Together Conference: General Lottery Announcement

General Lottery:

We are pleased to announce that the General Lottery for the Leadership and Skills tracks for the 2017 LEAD Together conference is now open!

The 2017 LEAD Together conference is different as compared to the previous registration process. The basis of the lottery provides members an opportunity to secure a registration slot and then have a period of time to pay for the cost of registration.  

How it works:

Simply fill out the online form anytime between March 1-31st. When registering, members can only select to be included into the lottery for either the Leadership OR Skills track---not both!

After the lottery closes, all names will be placed into a system which will automatically randomize the order of the names and assign a number. The number represents the member’s place in the registration queue. The first 400 members (200 Leadership and 200 Skills) on the list will be notified via email no later than April 10th.  Members then will have from April 10 -28th to pay the $425.00 registration fee. If payment is not received by April 28th, the member forfeits their registration slot and it will be given to the next member on the randomized list. The process will be repeated until all of the 400 lottery slots are filled.

Need assistance? Contact members@rid.org.

We look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City!

LINK to FORM: http://rid.org/rid-2017-national-conference/2017-lead-together-conference-lottery-registration-form/