NIC Test Prep Workshop

DSDHH will be hosting NIC Test Prep Workshops on March 17th and 18th.   The workshop on March 17thFriday evening, will be on preparing for the NIC Knowledge (Written) Test.   The workshop on March 18th, all day on Saturday, will be on preparing for the NIC Performance Test.  There will be separate registrations for each workshop, so you will only have to come to the one you need, and are welcome to come to both.    The presenter will be Carol Tipton, who is from the Washington, DC area and has a wealth of experience presenting these workshops.  The workshops will be held at Wilson Community College.  


Lee Williamson and I are still working on the details, so we don't have a flier to share with you yet.   I wanted to get the word out as soon as possible, so you could save the date.   We will get a flier out soon with all of the registration information.



Pam King, M.A.Ed.

Sign Language Interpreter

RID Certification:  CI and CT

NC License #2005032

252-289-7117 (voice/text)