RID Board Meeting

RID Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda
22 September 2016
6p-9p eastern


Note: To view the meeting (open to the public), please contact President Melvin Walker at President@RID.org. Our current meeting platform is limited to 25 people, so please sign up as soon as possible to help us determine if we need to consider a different platform.

Call to Order- President Walker

Additions to the Agenda- President Walker

Meeting Minutes- Secretary Pennise

  • August 2016

Upcoming Board Meetings- President Walker

Board Reports- All board members

Volunteer Leadership Updates

  • Ethics Committee-

  • Certification Committee-

  • CPC Review Committee-

  • Pro-bono work group-

  • Power, Privilege, and Oppression CEU work group- update on status (member appointment)- West Oyedele

  • Council updates- Bryant, Andrew, McLellan, West Oyedele

  • Member Sections- Bryant, Andrew

  • Trilingual SPP- Andrew

  • Emergency Management SPP- Andrew

  • Professional Development Committee- Pennise

  • Governance Committee- Maloney, Andrew

  • Reputable Agency Task Force-

Special Election Update- President Walker

Transition Team Update- TT Co-Chairs Merkin and Herndon

HQ Reports- IED Witter-Merithew

Closed Session

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