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Region Representatives I and IV: Special Election


This message aims to serve as an update to the membership on the recent special nominations period for the Board positions of Region I Representative and Region IV Representative.  During the regular nominations period, which was open from January to March 2016, we received nominations for Regions II, III, and V. However, we did not receive any nominations for Region I and Region IV.  In compliance with the Bylaws, the Board hosted a special nominations period for these two open positions, which ended on July 31, 2016.  During the special nominations period we, again, did not garner any nominations for Regions I and IV. 

In consultation with the Board parliamentarian, we decided we would open another  period for special nominations; however, this will be the last time that we hold an open nominations period for these two positions. There are three possible results that may transpire during this period. In the event that we:

  • receive more than one nomination per seat, there will be an election. 
  • receive one nomination per seat, the person will automatically become the representative.
  • receive no nominations for one or both seats, there will be no election, and the Board will converse with the parliamentarian about the seat vacancy.

The special nominations period will run until September 30, 2016..  The election period, if necessary, will begin November 1 and end November 30, 2016.

To be eligible to run for a region representative position, the candidate must have lived in their region for at least two years and be RID certified for at least four years.  If a candidate satisfies both of those requirements, they must then obtain 25 signatures from voting members within their region.  Only members within the region can vote for their region representatives.

Please see our website for more information on the nominations requirements and process.

This is a trying time for RID.  There are several Board and volunteer leadership vacancies.  I encourage you to take time to consider your talents, time, and energy for the purpose of giving back to your organization.  Consider what talents and perspectives you have to offer that can add  to the current Board of Directors.  RID relies on the contributions of volunteer leaders.  The RID Board relies on volunteer leadership.  Please consider running for a Board position.