2017 RID Conference

The RID Board, in cooperation with RID HQ, is thrilled to announce that the 2017 conference will be held in Salt Lake City, UT, July 20-24, 2017.  Be sure to save the date!

As we’ve announced previously, this conference will have a different vision than recent national conferences.  This conference will be more modest in size, all the while being purpose-driven and impactful.
We will be offering two tracks of focus for the programming, Leadership Development and Skill Development.  We know that people often wonder why they should attend a conference focused on leadership, as many don’t see themselves  as a leader.  Our goal is to ensure that there are volunteer leaders representing RID, Deaf community members, and interpreters, all coming together for a meaningful discussion of RID’s future.  With the goal focusing on RID’s future, we will develop the Leadership Track with outcomes in mind.  I am hopeful that you all want to be a part of that conversation! The Skills Development Track will be determined based on data that points to priority needs.
The topics addressed during the Leadership Development track will be determined based on results of discussions within the RID volunteer leadership structure and a national survey of RID members. We will offer a variety of learning opportunities--within the Leadership Development track there will be plenaries and panels followed by facilitated small work-groups.  For the Skills Development track, there will be three-hour or six-hour workshops, labs, and training sessions.
Oh! I realize I have not yet announced the theme for conference.  The theme is The LEAD Together conference.  We all know that it is not one person or even just a few people who lead.  We all lead together.  Together we create the vision for RID and future of RID.  That component is featured in the Leadership Track.
This conference will have limited number of seats.  The Leadership Track will allow for 450 people while the Skill Development track will be open to 200 people.  Each track will be conducted in ASL, our official language of conference.
Like previous conference we will have the opportunity for:

  • pre-conferences,
  • member section meetings
  • region meetings

These meetings will occur in the evening, allowing for participants to attend their tracks during the day and evening events. We will also have our business meeting.
Salt Lake City offers numerous opportunities for you to create an adventure!
Now, registration will be different than previous conferences.  We are calling this approach “the lottery system.”  Understandably, this is a new and different approach for registration. We will provide more information and explanation as we gear up to open registration.  
If you are interested in more information, in addition to our upcoming announcements, please visit RID.org.
Thank you!