Job Opportunity

JOB TITLE: MH Interpreter I


NUMBER: 16-01




SALARY RANGE: 73 ($37,389.60 - $56,685.60)


PCQ#: 8813342




Administrative Base:

RSA Union Building

Department of Mental Health

100 North Union Street

Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1410


Work Location:

Deaf Services Region I

4040 South Memorial Parkway

Huntsville, AL 35082


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting, Linguistics, Deaf Studies,

Psychology, Sociology, or a related human services field plus (24 months or more) of paid experience

interpreting in a variety of different settings.




High school diploma or GED equivalency, plus considerable (48 months or more) of paid experience

interpreting in a variety of different settings.


Human services field includes the following disciplines: Social Work, Psychology, Criminal/Juvenile Justice,

Special Education, Sociology, Speech Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling, Speech Pathology, Audiology,

Nursing, Physical or Occupational Therapy, and any related academic disciplines associated with the study of

Human Behavior, Human Skill Development, or Basic Human Care Needs


NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be licensed or eligible for licensure by the

Alabama Licensure Board of Interpreters and Transliterators. Must be certified or eligible to receive

certification as a QMHI (Qualified Mental Health Interpreter) or its equivalent. Certification must be

obtained within 24 months of employment. Must have a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle in

the State of Alabama


KIND OF WORK: This is professional level work in providing specialized services to individuals who

are deaf and hard of hearing and who have mental illness, developmental disability, and/or substance

abuse issues. Work involves interpreting between deaf or hard of hearing consumers, staff of the

Alabama Department of Mental facilities or contract service providers. Work may be performed in a

variety of different settings. Supervision is provided by the State Coordinator, Interpreting Services.


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of American Sign Language.

Knowledge of the function of a professional interpreter and Interpreting Code of Ethics. Knowledge of

deafness and deaf culture. Knowledge of telecommunication devices and their use. Ability to interpret

between consumers using a variety of dialects and fluency levels. Ability to communicate effectively

both orally and in writing. Ability to interpret in situations where partial control by interpreter is possible.

Ability to utilize a computer, internet resources and various software packages.


METHOD OF SELECTION: Applicants will be rated on the basis of an evaluation of their

education, training, and experience and should provide adequate work history identifying experiences

related to duties and minimum qualifications as mentioned above. All relevant information is subject to

verification. Drug screenings and security clearance will be conducted on prospective applicants being

given serious consideration for employment and whose job requires direct contact with clients.


HOW TO APPLY: Use an official application for Professional Employment (Exempt Classification)

which may be obtained from this office, other Department of Mental Health Facility Personnel Offices, or

visit our website at Only work experience detailed on the application will be

considered. Additional sheets, if needed, should be in the same format as the application. Resumes will

not be accepted in lieu of an official application. Applications should be returned to Human Resource

Management, Department of Mental Health, P.O. Box 301410, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1410 or


RSA Union Building, 100 North Union Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104. Copies of License/

Certifications should be forwarded with your application. An official copy of academic transcripts is

required and must be forwarded by the school, college, or university to the personnel office at the above