Information about Licensure

To: Everyone Impacted by Interpreter/Transliterator Licensure

From: Ad Hoc Licensure Committee

North Carolina Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NCRID)
In 2005, North Carolina celebrated an historic achievement! With purpose and vision,
advocates worked tirelessly over a decade to achieve the passage of legislation to
regulate the work of interpreters and transliterators. This law established the North
Carolina Interpreter Transliterator Licensing Board (NCITLB), providing valuable
protections for consumers while making a way for new practitioners to enter the field.
Eleven years later, we stand at a critical turning point. As a result of anti-trust concerns,
the General Assembly's Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee (APO) has
proposed a draft bill that would sunset, or disband, twelve occupational licensing
boards, including the NCITLB. Our representatives and senators may govern us, but
they are unfamiliar with the needs of the Deaf Community and the complexities of
interpreting and transliterating.

So, we need your help! For the NCITLB to be retained, these committee members
must hear from all of us - consumers, practitioners, providers and organizations - about
the importance of licensure. As it took various stakeholders working together to
establish interpreter/transliterator licensure, it will require all of us working together to
save it.

To this end, we have compiled detailed information for you. These documents include
contact information, talking points and sample letters to assist you in reaching out to
members of the Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee (APO). Every one of us
needs to write to these committee members and encourage our friends and colleagues
to do the same. We must be intentional and persistent!
In the meantime, updates will be posted on the NCRID Web site at
<>. If we are able to provide you with any assistance, please
contact us at <>! Thank you!

Ad Hoc Licensure Committee, NCRID

Janet Beattie
Bethany Hamm-Whitfield
Patricia Hauser
Connie Jo Hutchinson
Danette Steelman-Bridges

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