Educational Interpreter Forum (.4 CEUs)

Workshop Description:  
Topics discussed will be the educational system, the standards of professional practice for Ed-K12 interpreters and certification. Presenters will give a brief history of the expectations of educational interpreting and the needs of deaf and hard of hearing children served in mainstream or schools for the deaf. Presenters will also advise on plans to earn certification (either EIPA or RID Certification). 

Participants from 4 or more school districts will learn/review best practices in the educational setting. Through guided group work and individual district discussions, participants will share and exchange information on effective current practices, develop new approaches to best practices for the upcoming school year and discuss how to apply this knowledge gained to everyday work. This forum will also include discussions on effective ways to earn certification/credentials and resources available to them to improve skill development. Participants will also list specific needs and possible action plans to report to school administrators to seek support in earning certification/credentials.

Presenter: (Presenters Bio)

Anita Baker, BA CI/CT started her professional career after graduating from Central Piedmont Community College in 1998. She worked several years as a community interpreter in a variety of settings. In 2009 she received her Bachelor’s degree in ASL to English Interpreting with a concentration in Educational Interpreting, at the University of Northern Colorado’s DO-IT Center. Anita continued to work as a freelance interpreter, part time VRS interpreter and workshop presenter until March 2016 when she accepted a position with the NC Division of Services for the deaf and hard of hearing as Interpreter Services Specialist for the Charlotte office. Her job duties include interpreting, advocacy, mentoring and outreach. Anita’s passion is being a lifelong learner and is committed to the field of interpreting. Anita lives in Charlotte with her husband Tony and two children, James and Madison. 

Kirk Fowler, NIC started his professional career in Sign Language Interpreting in 2009 after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Kirk has extensive experience in mental health interpreting for a range of language levels.  He also has several years of experience in VRS, education, and conference interpreting.  Most of Kirk’s experience is through being a staff interpreter in 3 different states, including working for the State of Georgia.  Currently he is a freelance interpreter in Charlotte, NC working in a variety of settings.