The act of BEING an ally in the interpreting field (.3 CEUs)

Workshop Description: Participants will be presented with a historical narrative on audism and oppression within the larger context of society. Other topics covered will be Deaf culture, societal privilege, social justice, exploring personal views/biases, discovering common language biases, interpreting roles in and out of an educational setting, ally roles and audism. Participants will be guided through the four levels in Ally development and will also be able to learn from and ask questions to a panel of Deaf community members. 

Educational Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify the four levels in Ally development.  Participants will be able to outline what the term ally means in conjunction to the Deaf community.  Participants will be able to discuss and identify their own personal views on allies and social justice.  Participants will be able to define how allyship can apply to the interpreting field on a micro and macro level