CDI Workshop Series: How to Have a Successful Hearing/Deaf Interpreter Team (.3 CEUs)

Workshop Description: This workshop covers the rationale, theories, and practices of Deaf / Hearing Interpreter teams.  Learners engage in dialogue on justification for teaming and the critical roles in achieving full communication access.  Learners also practice effective teaming strategies.

Educational Objectives: By the end of the ASL Immersion weekend, participants will be able to… 
1)    articulate strategies for effective team building
2)    effectively explain the roles, functions, and processes of the interpreting team
3)    explain the purpose and key components of effective pre-, in situ, and post- conference meetings
4)    demonstrate effective team processes for verifying meaning, gathering clarifying information, managing information flow within the team and also will be ensuring an agreed upon team monitoring process for complete and accurate interpretation
5)    understand the importance of planning for smooth transitions during Deaf interpreting team efforts