CDI Workshop Series: How to become a CDI (.3 CEUs)

Workshop Description: This workshop covers the value of CDI certification and who should apply for CDI certification.  Learners will discuss the Foundational Competencies as Deaf Interpreters and will learn the CDI Certification process, the CDI Exam requirements for both knowledge and performance exams.  Methods of practice and mentoring opportunities will be covered along with maintaining certification.

Educational Objectives: By the end of the ASL Immersion weekend, participants will have an opportunity to…
 1) explain why obtaining the CDI certification is important
2) understand who is a good candidate to be CDI
3) state the foundational competencies as Deaf Interpreters
4) know and explain the CDI certification process and exam requirements
5) know what is involved with the CDI knowledge and performance exam
6) be aware of practicing methods and mentoring opportunities to further his/her experience in Deaf Interpreting