ASL Stories, Jokes, and Poems (.3 CEUs)

Workshop Description:  A real time interpreting experience for enhancement of receptive and voicing skills as Deaf Community members share stories, poems, or jokes.  Interpreter participants will have an opportunity to voice in a safe environment and receive constructive feedback.  They will have a variety of presenters and subjects to experience throughout the training. As a group, the participants will discuss their experience.  The facilitator will guide the discussion as needed. This training is open to current working interpreters and interpreting students with a language base in American Sign Language.

Daisy Rivenbark is African American Deaf Woman. She grew up on Kendall Greens Campus in Washington DC, earned BA in Communication Arts from Gallaudet University in Washington DC then went on with her studies in a field of Rehabilitation at New York University in NYC and earned MA. She is a life time advocator/educator. She is employed with the State of North Carolina, Department of Health and Human Services: Division of Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing as a Deaf Services Specialist for 11 years. She enjoys attend a conference, watch movies, read books and enjoy spend her time with her children, her husband and two dogs.

Gideon Friant is a deaf civilian of Jacksonville, NC. He was fully educated in his mother's homeschool along with his seven older and one younger siblings. There was no communication barrier in the homeschool. With the help of multiple American Sign Language sources, such as videotapes, books, and deaf fellowships, Gideon and his whole family learned ASL together. He recently graduated from the local community college. He is now pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.

Other presenters for the day will include Laura Herman, Marilyn Edwards and Stephanie Scott.