Here is the newest update on the bill:

1. There was a PCS discussed that would have sunset all boards with an enrollment under 1,500 members. That PCS (proposed committee substitute) was for discussion only and was not approved by the Senate Finance committee.

2. Senate has decided to add one more day of meetings, that will be on Monday. Senate Finance is scheduled to meet that day. I did check with some key members regarding that specific PCS and they were not in support. I did speak with Senator Hartsell and he stated there will be a PCS in Senate Finance but was not sure if there would be any sunset language. So I will be in that meeting.

3. If the Senate are able in any way to get any of Senator Wells language into the bill the bill will still have two more stops: First stop is the Senate floor. The action needed would be to call your Senator and tell them vote No. Second stop if it was to pass the Senate would be to "Call your House member and tell them to vote not to concur with the Senate Committee Substitute".

4. Senate is now saying Monday is the last day of all committee meetings. They want to vote on the budget this week and go on a break or leave completely. So time is not in favor of getting a major bill through unless it has full support of members. Changing boards or sun setting a board does not appear to have lots of support.

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