NCITLB Proposed Sunset

The General Assembly of North Carolina will soon discuss legislation that could impact the licensure laws within our state.  The bill proposes to Sunset a number of Occupational Licensing Boards (OLA’s) within the state, and specifically impacts current NCITLB licensing requirements.  The bill is in draft form, but if passed in current form, the bill will eliminate the NCITLB and remove the requirement for licensure for all interpreters and transliterators in North Carolina. This draft of proposed legislation resulted from a review conducted by the Program Evaluation Division of the General Assembly of the State of NC. There are a total of 12 OLAs that are proposed for sunset in this bill. 
For a complete copy of the Program Evaluation Division's December 2014 Review of OLAs in the State, please see:
For a copy of NCITLB Chair Jane Dolan's response to this report, please see:
            OLAs are prohibited from lobbying the legislature. Only organizations and concerned citizens can appeal to the NC General Assembly to keep NCITLB and GS 90D in force..  However, the NCRID Board also encourages individual members to read the attached documents and contact your local legislators directly as soon as possible. Ask them to keep the NCITLB operational and to continue licensure of interpreters and transliterators in the State of NC. Below is the link to find the contact information for your local NC State Legislative Representatives, should you choose to reach out to them and let them know licensure is an important means of ensuring the health, safety and welfare of Deaf and hard of hearing citizens in North Carolina and also protects the interests of those providing services to them in medical, mental health, legal, and business settings.
In order to locate your North Carolina House and Senate representatives, please click on this link below and enter your home address. The name will be displayed in the small white box.