Volunteer Opportunity

Nathan Carter, Daniel Carter, Connie Bowling and I would need some volunteer interpreter(s) at the Disaster Relief team where we will go and serve on Dec. 5-10 at South Baptist Church in Hope Mills, NC 28348.  We will work with other team doing some “clean-up” and some “build-up” from Hurricane Matthew.  Please let me know if we will have some interpreter(s) so I can pass more informations on what they will need to bring for spending the nights at the church.  The Disaster Relief team will provide meals and lodging free in the church along with free showers as well.  The interpreter(s) will need to bring their bed cots(twin size only).  And if the interpreters want more informations of the location; contact Jimmy Lawrence(hearing) 910-424-1298.  Jimmy can tell you more of what we will do duringDec.5-10. 


                             If you have more questions related to this message ; please ask me.


                             I will look forward to hear from you.



Kevin Clark

Deaf Full Time Evangelist