RID Executive Applicant Videos

Executive Director Applicant Videos

At this time, the Board is requesting feedback on two candidates for the position of RID's Executive Director. Each candidate was requested to make a vlog in response to the following prompts:
  • A brief introduction to yourself—your name, where you currently live, your relationship to the Deaf and interpreting communities, your credentials
  • A brief overview of the professional experiences that prepare you for the position of RID Executive Director
  • A brief discussion of one or two of the key challenges you see facing RID and your thoughts about how these challenges might be addressed
  • Your vision of how RID can contribute to advancing linguistic access for the Deaf Community and improving the professional experiences of working interpreters
  • Any closing thoughts or observations you want to share with the RID membership and stakeholders
Please watch each candidate's vlog located here:

Shortly after receiving this e-mail, all current members will receive an email from the address RID@simplyvoting.com, with an elector ID and password to access a survey to submit feedback on each candidate. Each vlog is approximately 10 minutes long and the survey consists of 18 total questions (9 for each candidate). Please set aside 30-45 minutes to complete this process. Your feedback is requested by December 5, 2016. The RID Board will review all survey feedback and take it into consideration during their deliberations.

The RID Board of Directors