RID CMP Cycle Ending???

Is Your CMP Cycle Ending?

We've got a few suggestions on how you can get those last minute CEUs.  Online, anytime.

We've repackaged the content from some of the best sessions at RIDNOLA15 for your convenience.  By registering to take these courses, you can meet your CMP cycle requirements, and maintain your certification.

(Note: If you attended RIDNOLA15 and received CEUs for these sessions, or if you watched the streams online and received CEUs, you cannot watch the same sessions and get CEUs again.)

2016 Expiring Certification Cycles

From the Desk of Carol Turner,
Professional Development Coordinator

If you have completed the rest of your CEUs, but they are not yet showing in your CEU transcript, please note that it can take 60 days for CEUs to show in your transcript.  CEUs appearing on your transcript after the new year will not jeopardize your certification as long as you have completed enough CEUs to
meet the CMP requirement by midnight, December 31, 2016.  We want to ensure that CEUs are not duplicated on anyone’s transcript, so the CEUs will be entered by the RID approved sponsor once they receive the paperwork. Please be sure to keep record of confirmation that you have completed the workshop by the end of the year in case documentation is needed.

Certification Cycle Extension Request

If you believe you will not meet the CEU requirement for cycle ending December 31, 2015, a one-year, once-in-a-lifetime Certification Cycle extension may be available for those who submit a Certification Cycle Extension Request form.  To be eligible for approval, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Certification cycle must end December 31, 2016

  • The form must be submitted by December 31, 2016

  • You must be a certified member

  • Your membership dues must be up to date 

  • An extension request cannot not have been approved previously

The extension request must be submitted to the Professional Development Department via the online form by December 31, 2016 to avoid a late fee of $100. If you have received an extension in the past, a reinstatement will need to be requested. For more information, please visit Certification Reinstatement.

By watching the content through our online course management system atUdemy.com, and taking the pre- and post-test for each course, you can earn CEUs toward your certification maintenance requirements.

It is important that you access the course from the web page on rid.org - there is an embedded coupon code in the course links that gives you the correct price.

Earning CEUs - how it works:
1. Go to the course page on rid.orghttp://www.rid.org/available-courses/
2. Click on the course that you want to take - it will jump to the correct page onUdemy.com for that course.
3. Enroll in the course
4. Take the pre-test
5. Watch the content
6. Take the post-test
7. Repeat.

After completing your courses, your CEUs will be awarded within 60 days.


The five sessions that are available are:

Emerging Trends in Interpreting and Implications for Interpreter Education (Plenary Session)
Presenter(s): Cathy Cogen, Dennis Cokely
0.125 CEUs (Professional Studies), $15.00

Invest in your Future by Incorporating Another World Language into your Work! (Plenary Session)
Presenter(s): David Quinto-Pozos
0.125 CEUs (Professional Studies), $15.00

Community Forum: Igenda or WEgenda: How do we Define “We”? What is the Place of the “I” in the Interaction? (Forum Session)
Presenter(s): Carol-lee Aquiline, Lynnette Taylor
Supported by Deaf Caucus and Interpreters with Deaf Parents Member Sections.
0.3 CEUs (Professional Studies), $35.00

Collaborative Storytelling on Social Justice (Plenary Session)
Presenter(s): Joseph Hill, Dave Coyne
0.125 CEUs (Professional Studies), $15.00

Social Justice Roundtable (Forum Session)
Presenter(s): Joseph Hill, Dave Coyne
0.4 CEUs (Professional Studies), $45.00

Sessions and Descriptions are here: http://www.rid.org/available-courses/