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Terp Talk: Let's Talk Ethics & Your Code of Professional Conduct (.2 PS/GS CEUs)

  • Wilson Community College 902 Herring Ave, Rm E101 Wilson, NC 27893 (map)

Workshop Description:  (Educational Objectives and description)

 Terp Talk:  Let’s Talk Ethics and Your Code of Professional Conduct

Ethics will be the topic of this Terp Talk session.  The importance of ethics in one’s life and career will spur on dialogue as we consider the structure and tenets of the RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC), our perspective of the CPC, and how it impacts the quality of services provided to consumers.  Facilitator for this Terp Talk will be Renee J. Moore.

This is session one of a CPC series.  Seven Terp Talks will follow addressing each CPC Tenet specifically.  Facilitators for this series of Terp Talks will be Renee J. Moore and Michelle Teague.

 Terp Talks are conducted in a roundtable format of dialogue and facilitated learning opportunities.  These sessions are hosted by the Eastern Regional Committee of NCRID.  Terp Talks address a wide range of topics related to interpreting, Deaf Culture, and shared interest to ultimately improve the quality of interpreting services provided to Deaf and Hearing consumers.  These sessions also strive to enhance camaraderie among professional interpreters, interpreting students, and the Deaf and Hearing communities.

 Interpreters and interpreting students are encouraged to attend; Deaf consumers are always welcome to attend.



Renee J. Moore is nationally certified (RID: CI and CT) and has held a NC Interpreter and Transliterator License since 2005.  She has earned an Associate degree in Interpreter Education and a BFA degree in Art and Design.  With over 25 years of experience in the interpreting profession, Renee has been exposed to a broad spectrum of settings and opportunities that have enhanced her perspective as a presenter.

She has the advantage of breadth of teaching experiences in the subjects of ASL, interpreting music, women’s Biblical studies and topics of fine arts.  Renee’s teaching approach is personable and encourages the learning benefit of sharing knowledge and wisdom gained through personal experiences.

Renee currently serves as Chair for the Eastern Regional Committee of NCRID.  She also volunteers and serves in leadership roles on boards associated with art organizations in Eastern North Carolina.  She is the owner/operator of Interpreting Connections, Inc. and RjM Artwork Studios.  One can view Renee’s curriculum vitae, which expounds her experiences and accomplishments, at