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A Journey Through Time and Space: Incorporating Use of Space for Interpreters in Educational Settings (1.6 CEUs)


Workshop Description: Participants will be informed of the latest information pertaining to the National Association of Interpreters in Education conference. Participants will experience three different break out sessions that will focus on how use of space is utilized in when interpreting/transliteratering from English to ASL. All three breakout sessions will primarily emphasize interpreting procedural discourse and discourse that incorporates use of space as it relates to time. Other aspects of use of space will also be introduced including contrastive structure and non-manual signals. Participants will be able to identify and apply concepts introduced and discussed in the three breakout sessions incorporating use of space with spontaneous language prompts in ASL, with message management and the use of graphic organizers, and with live interpretation opportunities. Participants will incorporate natural use of ASL in a conversational setting. Participants will also engage in discourse mapping of simple and complex academic lessons that are utilized in in all levels of educational settings. Message management will be enhanced with the utilization of use of space incorporating spatial references in order to create a clear and cohesive message. Participants will graphically organize the English message by concepts in a written format then applying those to their signed interpretations. Live interpreted mock scenarios will also be a part of the breakout sessions in which Deaf guests will serve as consumers receiving the interpreted message. All simulations will include elementary, middle school, and high school settings and will allow interpreters to practice and observe specific language skills incorporating features of ASL as it applies to the use of space in procedural, time, and contrastive structure within the interpreted work.

Educational Objectives:  Participants will given information on the newly formed National Association for Interpreters in Education.  Participants will identify techniques to visually organize information and the appropriate transition and prosodic features enabling clear movement within the visual map.  Participants will demonstrate the ability to incorporate visual mapping techniques and message management in the interpretation of simple to complex academic concepts.  Participants will assess and identify specific ASL language skills incorporating procedural discourse, incorporating temporal aspects, and contrastive structure within in mock educational scenarios.  Participants will demonstrate the ability to apply concepts introduced in this workshop to their interpretations within a variety of educational settings.


To register or for more information please contact: Sherri Vernelson at 919-807-3982 or by email